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For the Valkyrie Hockey
Co-Ed Summer Camp 2024

    Before April 30th - 50% Refund After May 1st - No Refund or Credit* *Unless, there is another customer on the waiting-list who is able to fill the spot. In which case we will provide full-refund, minus a $75 administration fee.
  • How do I know if this camp is a good fit for my child?
    We have specifically designed this camp to be a good fit for children 6-15, at any skill level. With our two group system the children will be split by age and level and this will ensure that players are on ice with other children with a similar skill sets to them.
  • Why do the two groups start and finish at different times?
    With our two group system we are essentially running two camps at once. With the larger number of campers we believe it is best to stagger the start and finish times of the camp. This is partially because the Mattamy Athletic Center can be a tricky place to park at and do drop off/pick up, by staggering the two groups there will be less people entering the facility and should help to ease the drop off/pick up procedures.
  • How do I know which group my child will be in?
    Generally, if you child is at either end of the spectrum in age or level you can assume for example, that they will be in "Group 1" if they are 7 years old and play House League OR they will be in "Group 2" if they are 15 and play Rep. The leveling of the groups becomes more specific for children who fall in the middle of the age/level spectrum. There are a few factors that go into the leveling process, firstly, we need to accept our registrants to see what the overall age/level of the campers are, from there we will make the groups. Secondly, we will account for younger children who play higher levels or older players who are newer to hockey, and we will place them accordingly based on age and level of the rest of the players in their cohort. On our registration page you will see that we have asked for as much information as possible to be able to level the groups correctly. If you feel you want to speak with Greer to ensure that your child is placed in the correct group then send email or schedule a call with her.
  • What if I have 2 children in different groups?
    If you have children that get placed in different groups then you may bring both children for the entirety of the day, meaning both children will start at 9am and go until 4pm. Valkyrie Hockey staff will supervise and entertain the child who has leu time between their start/finish time. Though it may not be ideal to have different start/finish times, we have set the camp up in this way so that it is an appropriate fit for your children even if there is significant age/level gap between them. If you would like to ask Greer more questions about whether or not your children will be in the same group then send an email or schedule a call with her.
  • How do I ensure my child is in the same group as a friend or teammate?
    The registration form has an area where you can add a "Friend/Teammate Request". Please be sure to list your child's friends or teammates there. If your child has a friend/teammate that registered after you then you can always send a follow-up email to Greer making the request. Please note, that if there is a significant gap between the players ages and skill levels then we may not be able to fulfil your request. In this scenario it is up to Valkyrie Hockey to place the players in the group where they will be best suited, this will ensure that they are being challenged correctly and have an enjoyable camp experience.
  • What if my child struggles to put on their own equipment or cannot do up their own skates?
    Camp participants must be able to put on their own gear, however, we do not expect the younger campers to be able to do their own skates or other tricky things like the clips on their helmets. If your child currently relies on you to put on their gear, then we suggest you start practicing and try to get your child as prepared as possible for putting their own gear on at camp.
  • How many Instructors/Staff will there be?
    Valkyrie Hockey will have two designated off ice administrators. Both "Group 1" and "Group 2" will have 4 instructors; a highly experienced Lead Instructor, then a Secondary Lead, followed by one-two Junior Instructors (depending on the group size). Coach Greer Harris will also be on ice with each of the groups throughout the day and spending time helping with administration and off ice activities.
  • Do you offer early drop off and/or aftercare?
    No, we will not be offering early drop off and/or aftercare. The only exception to this is if you have two children in different groups, in which case you are welcome to bring your children for the full day 9am-4pm.
  • Can I stay and watch?
    Parents are welcome to watch some of their child's on ice sessions in the morning or afternoon. Please reference the schedules to see which of the on ice sessions fits your drop off/pick up times so that you can catch a bit of what the children are learning.
  • Where do I park? Is there street parking out front of MAC on Carlton St?
    Parking is limited at the Mattamy Athletic Center. There is a Loblaws underground parking lot as well as Green P parking north and south of Carlton St. Valkyrie Hockey will be sending out an email prior to camp and it will have more information about parking. No, there is not street parking out front of MAC on Carlton St. However, a quick drop off while keeping your car running is an option but may incur a parking ticket.
  • Do you have First Aid CPR & AED Certified Staff members?
    Yes. All of the Lead Instructors/Staff are First Aid CPR & AED Certified.
  • Who is running the Dryland training? Are they certified?
    Terry Lockett (Greer's Mom) will be the Lead Camp Administrator and Lead off ice Instructor. Terry is a Canfit Pro Certified Instructor Specialist, she is also a Yoga Alliance 250 hour Certified Instructor. Terry has further certifications specializing in Senior’s and Children training, Cert. Schwinn Spin Instructor, Cert. Inferno Yoga Instructor, Cert. Yoga Fit International, Cert. Bootcamp & TRX. She is also First Aid CPR & AED Certified.
  • When can I expect an email reminder and information package regarding the camp?
    Upon registering you will receive an email confirming you registration. Then 2 weeks prior to camp beginning you receive an email reminder and information package pertaining to the camp. At any point prior to the camp you can contact Greer with any questions not answered in the FAQ's.
  • What system do you use to take registrations?
    We are using the Jotform platform to take registrations. If it is not showing up on your webpage please ensure that you have pop-up's allowed, as a pop-up blocking may be hiding the embedded form.
  • What system are you using take payments?
    We are using Square Up to take online payment because it is a reputable and secure payment processing application.
  • Can Goalies attend camp?
    Our programs are player focused and unfortunately we cannot accommodate goalies. The exception to this is a child who is a player majority of the time but plays goalie some of the time. In this instance we could potentially have the child come out for a few of the hours as a goalie. Please contact Greer to discuss further.

Still Have Questions?

Any questions that we may have missed in our FAQ's? Email us by clicking the button bellow or if you would like to chat please text (647) 996-7745 to schedule a call with Greer.

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